Love Celebration Ceremony

Celebrate your love through a cherished meditation & ceremony experience with your partner...

Due to the actual need of couples to celebrate their love in an alternative and more holistic way, since 2014 Mukti created a spiritual ceremony to accoplish this and to bound the couple with infinite blessings of love. 

This spiritual ceremony strengthens your bond and brings your relationship to a deeper level.  It is a unique and magical celebration.  It is a ceremony meditation which honours where you are on your journey together as a couple.  Perhaps you've been married for many years and wish to reaffirm your wedding vows?  Perhaps as newlyweds you would like to take a private moment together to celebrate your marriage?  Perhaps marriage is on the horizon and this is a step in that direction?  This ceremony is suitable for all couples who desire to receive a loving blessing for their relationship.

Mukti will work together with you to discover the ideal location for your ceremony.

Through the use of Himalayan singing bowls, Mukti opens the flow of energy from the heart-centre to connect with higher states of being.  Affirmations, Relaxation exercises, Visualisations, and more, can be blended together to create an unforgettable experience and a lifelong gift to your partnership.

Read what couples have to say about the Love Ceremony…[LINK: testimonials]


This ceremony is specially designed to reinforce the couple's commitment and love, to celebrate their soul union, and bless their relationship.

The energetic sounds and high frequencies of the Himalayan Tibetan singing bowls, will move the couple into a high energetic level. In combination with the elements of relaxation, affirmations, visualization and meditation, the couple have an incredible experience, full of blessings. 

Some couples, chose to have the ceremony as their wedding itself. The LoveWaves Love Celebration can be also performed as a wedding, or before the wedding, as for couples who are already married, and boyfriends and girlfriends.

Some couples may have the Love Celebration Ceremony to complement their traditional ceremony. When performed the day before, it multiplies the couple's loving energy & presence, bringing their wedding experience much deeper.  It allows freedom from just the party affairs to give time for the soul and spirit.

It is a spiritual ceremony which strengthen the relationship in a deeper level of consciousness, bringing your love to high vibrational states, opening the flow of energy in the heart centre and body. Couples frequently call it one of the most beautiful experiences! 

Perfect for couples who are looking for something new and original, or to add an amazing experience to their union. 

If you are ready for your wedding and like to support it with a pre-wedding ceremony to have this deepening in your relation-ship, or

If you even don't want any party or papers but still would like to have a kind of ceremony to celebrate your union, being together in the present moment,

this is the perfect ceremony for you.



The Ceremony

A meditation ceremony suitable for any beliefs, religious practices or denomination.

It is such an unique and magical moment that you want all the meaning, inspiration, and joy it deserves. 

The Ceremony   This ceremony is about your love and commitment to each other.  Together, we create a sacred space for you to experience your unique intentions and vows of your union.  Right through to the ceremony itself, Mukti will guide and support you to feel calm, present and open-hearted, ready to share the happiness of this day. It is a time of planting seeds that will grow in happiness and love. 

Those who experience Mukti's ceremonies, have multiplied their energy and felt really inspired. 

A beautiful ceremony which weaves together special elements, to express the unique vision of your love.

Consider Mukti your guide in helping you communicate your special love story through this celebration. You will have a customized and memorable ceremony, which expresses your intentions, celebrates your love and unique connection.  .  

Mukti honors a revolutionary time to create celebrations that supports a new beautiful society - a revolutionary new marriage system! To celebrate love and rescue the family structure, which is being lost in some parts of the world. "It is not only about our ideas, desires, beliefs, and traditions. But about a strong foundation to create a new and beautiful future."

Read what couples have to say about the Wedding Ceremony

"Dear Mukti,

We really wish couples wanting to confirm their love into a deeper and more spiritual way to go through this unique experience!

It has been the best spiritual experience we have ever had. I had not expected to feel so many emotions during the Ceremony. I can describe it as a unique, real, and magic Act full of peace, blessings, pure love, forgiveness and gratitude.

Mukti, you are a very sensitive human being, who transmits a lot of love and peace… you are the right person to guide such Ceremonies. You managed to take my body, mind and soul into an emotional ecstasy.”

With love and gratitude, Jennifer and Daniel, married in Boracay, Philippines



Love is the healing answer, love is our deep essence, we are made from love and we deserve all the love and abundance of the universe. Mukti brings this love, with infinite gratitude, to make it one of the most beautiful experiences of your life. Your sacred moment. Your sacred life!


Love is all there is.