The Energy School ~ Summer Retreats in Switzerland

Energy School Summer Retreats

25 to 29 July, 2018

In the heart of Switzerland combining amazing nature, yoga, sound healing, special meditation tecniques, such as inner dance, and much more! They are for someone who wants to let go, recharge energy, be in nature, go deeper inside and upgrade their own systems. No matter which level, everyone is welcome!

After a time with a well-balanced diet, combined with yoga, outdoor activities, and being in nature, you will feel energized and inspired to try new things.

Our mission is to become awake to love, to our true selves - it might it be through yoga, sound healing and meditation, but most of all through our heart.

Meet, and co-journey with the Energy School teachers who will bring you to this expansive heart state. It's more than a yoga and meditation retreat - you will feel at home and deeply connected.

The intention of our retreats is to connect with yourself, with each other, with loving people, and loving enviroment -  to return to your true home. The wonders of the present moment and to who you truly are.



This Retreat combines yoga, meditation, sound healing and inner dance as powerful tools to rejuvenate, energize and revigorate the body, mind and spirit.

You can expect much more than yoga, most of all, this retreat is a journey into the heart.

Earth Yoga uses the classical Sun Moon Yoga system in an experienced order, which correlates with the 5 elements - earth, water, fire, air and ether to inspire a transformation in the individual. 

Earth Yoga is a mix of traditional and contemporary Hatha Yoga and meditation techniques. The Earth Yoga System is designed to bring awareness to the individual as consciousness expands.

Other tecniques will be on focus during the retreat such as Inner dance. 

Inner Dance is the inner experience that allows you to awake through music as a language. It is not a dance in its physical form, but a dance of insights that happens inside one's soul.  As the brain waves shift insights and transformation, it awakes the energetic information in your system, which enables it to restore the entire system through sound vibration. 

Inner Dance is a transformative shift in consciousness, one that also shifts the physical body. Alongside this shift is the remembrance of our wholeness – Oneness — organically leading us to live in harmony with nature.  It leads us to a spiritual life on earth, an existence of simplicity, sacredness, sustainability. 

Inner Dance is the Art of Being Yourself at your best. It is the art of unfolding your personality into who you truly are. 

The goal of Inner Dance sessions and seminars is to set yourself free from whatever holds you back and to help you to become YOURSELF.


Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Sound Healing is a form of sound massage – a ‘high speed’ method to deeply relax, purify, heal and absorb positive energy. The body vibrates and fills up with sounds. You become part of the sound. Sound Healing is an energy medicine that has a huge potential. The singing bowls have specific vibrations which mingle with our energy bodies – this causes a massive positive effect on the human being. This positive effect is a highly beneficial Therapy.

We are genuinely thrilled to introduce this amazing ancient method of Sound Bliss to you. Hearing and being bathed in harmonious sounds leads to rapid and effective deep relaxation and stress relief. They help you to deal effectively in daily life and enhance your creativity. New energies will be freed and self-healing will be mobilized.

You will feel the vibrations travel through your body, generating a feeling of expansion and well-being. You start to drift and daydream as the sound waves wash through your cells with their rejuvenating and strengthening power. At the end of the session you feel regenerated.

If good music is nourishing, the singing bowls can be compared to the most basic and "digestible of all sound diets". With our innate trust in these harmonious sounds and the pleasurable response they cause throughout our body, we soon start to breathe deeper and our thoughts calm down. Quickly we reach "the zone" and are capable of self-healing and accomplishing our very best.

Vibrational healing with the bowls also serves as a powerful key to unlock emotional trauma trapped within our subconscious." Thoughts being vibrations, bowl therapy offers a deeper plane of healing that involves greater emotional and mental clarity." Many individuals report increased awareness after each session.


Meditation tecniques

The Hoo'ponopono Meditation  presents a problem solving process to release emotions and memories that came as a result of painful experiences, not only related to ourselfs but to our ancestors.

It is a process of letting go of the memories and releasing the “negative layers” that prevents us from becoming who we truly are. This involves the path of the heart and mind towards understanding, love and compassion, away from fear, anger or hate, or any other negative emotion. 


Walking meditation 

The ability of focusing, developed in walking meditation, is easily carried into our daily life. And also into seated practice, when there are actually less sensory stimuli. It’s a powerful tool at your disposal.

Walking meditation is more than a simple stroll in the park. It is usually done much slower than normal walks, and involves either coordination with the breathing, or specific focusing practices. 

When we practice walking meditation, we arrive in each moment. Our true home is in the present moment. When we enter the present moment deeply, our regrets and sorrows disappear, and we discover life with all its wonders. Breathing in, we say to ourselves, I have arrived. Breathing out, we say, I am home. When we do this we overcome dispersion and dwell peacefully in the present moment, which is the only moment for us to be alive. (Thich Nhat Hanh)

We will be so happy to welcome you and co-journey with you it all and much more! 

Welcome to Energy School & Institute!



The Energy School & Institute is located right in the front of the Lake of Thun, in Darligen, a place of extraordinary beauty.

The nature around this area is very generous and with an amazing view of the lake and the mountains, and nature walks nearby.

It is located only 5k away from the center Interlaken.

It's easy to reach by road, or by train. It's also located 5 minutes walk from Darligen train station. 

The Energy School & Institute address is: Chrutzweg, 1 - Darligen 3707


The Programm

Arrival day

From 14pm-16pm pm – WELCOME Guests

16:30 pm – OPENING  Ceremony & meditation - SINGING Bowls  

*Tibetan Healing Sounds

06:30 pm – DINNER Break (1h)

*Healthy Vegetarian Meal

07:30 pm – INNER Dance (2h)

*Transformative self-awakening Process that organically leads anyone in surrender towards authentic and meaningful Existence.


Daily Schedule

08:00 am – YOGA

*Earth Yoga Flow (Hatha & Flow)

9:30 am – Breakfast Break (1h)

*Healthy Vegetarian Meal

10:30am - SINGING Bowls & Meditation & Workshop

1:00pm – LUNCH 

*Healthy Vegetarian Meal & Down Time

03:00 pm – Breath work & Inner dance

*Transformative self-awakening Process that organically leads anyone in surrender towards authentic and meaningful Existence

06:30 pm – DINNER Break

*Healthy Vegetarian Meal

8:00 pm – MEDITATION & Inner dance awakenings

Nature Day

*The schedule includes one full day outdoor activity, in the mountains and beautiful nature and surrounnderings.  The Nature Day is usually on the day 3, but it might vary according to the weather conditions.


Departure day

Schedule goes until 1pm –   Closing Ceremony 


*Tibetan Healing Sounds

3:00pm- 6pm– Personal Consultations & Personal Advising  

What’s Included in This Package

  • 3 days, 2 nights in a beautiful and rustic chale in front of Lake Thun
  • Yoga & meditation& Inner dance sessions daily
  • Rejuvenating and refreshing walks around the pure crystal water of Lake Thun
  • Delicious, healthy meals in our cozy dining area
  • Sound healing sessions with Tibetan singing bowls
  • Private healing session with Mukti
  • One inspiring and amazing nature day in the mountains of Switerzland
  • 5 days healthy meals
  • Linens and towels
  • Yoga & Inner Dance Philosophy and Health Coaching


Shared Room/ Apartment

Energy School Institute offers a budged full boad accomodation, a transforming & rejuvenating home away from home experience.

The Chale is actually prepared to welcome groups of maximum 8 people, in a shared space dormitory/ hostel style

The shared apartment has extraordinary view of Lake Thun.

The accommodation follows the simplicity and the charm of a traditional 300 years swiss farm house. 

The chale is being renovated and will later host groups of maximum 12 people. 


Private Standart room (in a nearby 3 stars hotel)
€120/ night

If you like to join us but like to have your private room, you can also book online separately on:

Dulac Lake Resort, Darligen 

(located 5min walk from Energy School Institute).