Earth Yoga

Earth Yoga is a mix of traditional and contemporay Hatha Yoga. 

The Earth Yoga System is designed to bring awareness to the individual as consciousness expands;

we begin to realize our true potential. Earth Yoga uses the classical Sun Moon Yoga system in an experienced order, which correlates with the 5 elements being earth, water, fire, air and ether to inspire a transformation in the individual.

Mukti has been practicing yoga over 17 years. She is a passionate yoga teacher, combining yoga, meditation and healing - as a powerful tool yoga rejuvanates, energizes and revigorate body, mind and spirit. She is a Certified Earth Yoga teacher, with Master Shiva Anand and Yoga Alliance.


Yoga Pilgrims

Since 2004, Mukti had been guiding yoga groups to the most beautiful and sacred places in Nepal and India, where she was home based for 11 years. 

Living in Pokhara, in the feet of the Himalayas, Mukti built her home together with The Himalayan Yoga Centre where many retreats and Yoga Alliance Certified regular Teachers Trainnings are running during the year, welcoming people from all nationalities, supporting their growth and strengh, and connecting with their true Nature and Yoga traditions. 

Himalayan Yogini and Nature Home Retreat has accomodation for group up to 20 people, in private villas, huts, double rooms or dormitory. 

Indeed, Mukti does not live in Nepal anymore, her home is still there and ready to welcome everyone who wishes to travel to Nepal!

For more information please contact us and we can help you in your incredible journey!