About Us


"Thanks for asking. Who I AM, who we ALL ARE is a gorgeous paradox that cannot be pinned down by our need-to-know minds.
That said, it seems important for us to know ourselves and understand how our perceptions impact the world we live in.
The commitment & courage to “Know thy Self” NO MATTER WHAT is what we call Conscious Evolution. Maybe we could call Mukti a Conscious Evolutionist, someone who has no choice but to look deeply at the heart of Reality."


Inspired by Mother Earth, Mukti is a transformational agent in a pure and genuine mission of love.

Formally, with a background as a psychologist, specialized in bio-psicology, bio-energetic, sound healing, yoga and meditation. Mukti lived in the foot hills of the Himalayas, Nepal, for 11 years. After Nepal, she spent almost three years in the Philipines; and at the international Welness Retreat Center called Bahay Kalipay, where she was working and learning from Pi Vilaraza, founder of Inner Dance.

Using a creative mix of these techniques, Mukti teaches and gives transformation workshops, seminars and private sessions throughout the world.  She is now in Switzerland, with her swiss husband and family. 

Mukti reminds us that the only moment we have in which to live our lifes is now.  It is now that we can savor our joys, heal our wounds, engage in meaningful work, face our fears - and celebrate our miraculous gifts of life and love. 

Mukti's life has held surprising turns.  From growing up in the forests of Brazil and being in union with nature since birth, at age 13 she moved to New York to study, and later to the big city of Rio de Janeiro, where she became a Bio-energetic and Reiki Master and hang gliding pilot at age 19.  After completing her Psycology studies on the "Ego as a Social Illusion" and on Bio-psicology, at age 26, she felt an inner call to Asia. In Nepal and India, she guided yoga pilgrilms and spiritual tours and worked as a pilot in the Himalayas, living totally with Nature. And where she was much influenced by budhism and hinduism, deepening though the paths of meditation and sound healing. 

It was during the time to leave the Himalayas, in a natural state of bless and gratitute,  that she realized that a new consciousness shift had occurred. It was in the Philippines,  in 2014, surrounded by such beauty and generosity of the sea, that she decided to completely dedicate her life to sharing the amazing miracles of life and love - in a creative flow that is happening at everymoment of her life, as rain fall of blessings, opening all hearts and experiencing deep dimension of Love.